What’s Your Personal Legend?

your personal legendBy Patrick Ogunnaike

Have you read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? I read it a number of years ago in 2009 and recently read it again on a flight to Phoenix.

It’s a really great story about a young poor but ambitious Sheppard named Santiago who goes in search of treasure and the lessons he learns along the way.

He faces many challenges along the way. But his greatest challenges didn’t have anything to do with
great physical peril, his greatest challenge was belief.

He had to overcome how he viewed the world and his ability to transform apparent failure into victory.

I’m not going to spoil the story for those of you who’ve never read it but the point of the story is the concept
of “Your Personal Legend”.

We all have the potential to create our own Personal Legend?

Personally I don’t believe in destiny or fate. I believe that our fate is what we make it. Luck is simply an event, that through preparation, we can take advantage of to achieve our goals.

So what does that mean about your Personal Legend?

It means that you can write your own legend.  You can craft it the same way that author Paulo Coelho
crafted, the Sheppard, Santiago’s tale in The Alchemist.

The challenge is that many of us get sucked into believing that only certain people get to have extraordinary (legendary) lives. By doing this we buy into the story of our mediocrity.

Sure others may have more of an advantage than you do in certain ways:
-They may have more money
-They may be younger
-They may be more experienced
-They may be stronger
-They may even be smarter.

But those facts can only stop you if you let them.

The greatest lesson I learned from The Alchemist is that you can lose it all, every single thing you’ve ever accumulated can be taken from you tomorrow, but if you believe that you’ll succeed you’ll figure out a way to recover and even surpass your previous success.  We’ve all heard the stories of  “rags to riches” or tragedy to success but sometimes we forget what’s possible so we need to be able to find ways to reinforce and remember.

If you’ve read this far then it’s safe to say that you’re interested in or even crave an extraordinary life. So what should you do?

Give yourself every opportunity to succeed.

Start networking with other people who are creating their own personal legend. Not only will it inspire and encourage you, it’ll probably expose you to ideas and strategies you’d never have dreamt of otherwise. You may meet your next business partner, finally uncover a winning opportunity or discover a new direction for your life.

The point is that Personal Legends don’t just happen they have to be actively sought, actively written. The alternative is mediocrity and regret.

So figure out what your Personal Legend is and start your journey! The journey is actually the best part.



About The Author:

Patrick Ogunnaike is an entrepreneur based in Toronto. In 2012 he founded TheMankipedia.com. When he’s not busy writing or editing articles for TheMankipedia he’s usually rummaging through youtube or watching a science documentary making him an endless source of fascinating but mostly useless facts.