Women Love Ripped 6 Pack Abs, Here’s Why…and How

By Daniel Rose

Did you know that the fastest way to get quality hot women to drool over you is to work on your body and get SIX PACK ABS!

Men with abs attract beautiful women with easy. It will give you a step a head of other guys who may even be more successful than you, because you have the body women want. A recent men’s health study showed that 92 percent of women say that Six Pack Abs are the most attractive feature on a man.

So you ask… “How do I get Six Pack Abs?” There are many avenues to take… Many gizmos and fad diets that claim to be the answer, however if you really want to get abs FAST like I did here’s what you have to do…

Avoid Long Slow Cardio Workouts

Guys get so frustrated especially in a gym setting. They show up and spend hours running on the treadmill, yet even months later they have still yet to see any tangible results. Running on a treadmill is not only boring but also high ineffective.

Your focus should be on Strength training. As you replace body fat with muscle through strength training you will actually permanently raise your metabolism and burn more calories daily even at your resting rate!

This type of training is called Afterburn training. Its low rest strength training workouts that activate the core at all times. You will be getting shredded and building muscle all at the same time.

Avoid Crunches and Sit-ups six pack shortcuts

Crunches and sit-ups like running on a treadmill are 2 more exercises that really doing more harm than good when you are trying to get a ripped body and six pack abs. They cause massive amounts of stress to your back and neck, and aren’t even that effect in building your abdominals.

There isn’t an exercise you can do that you can’t modify to activate your core if it doesn’t already. This will get you ripped abs way faster than doing crunches because not only are you building your abdominal muscles but you are also working on burning off excess body fat off the rest of your body that will make your abs pop like you never though was possible.

Here are a couple of really effective routines that can be done from home, require no equipment and will get your abs ripped fast!

• M100s

• Crazy 4 minute Ripped Core Workout

Intense 5 minute Home Abs Work

Any of these workouts will get you the ripped abs women love way faster than crunches and sit-ups… Just remember to bring intensity to your workouts and try not to rest in between sets too much!

Keep Your Workouts Short and Intense

There is absolutely no reason to be spending hours at the gym or at home working out. Its not about how long you workout, its about how effective the routines your choose to do are. If you are working out smart there is really no reason to ever spend more than 30 minutes at the gym, or at home working out.

Here’s a few tips that will help you ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts in the shortest amount of time…

  • Keep rest times in between sets always under 50 seconds
  • Do one power lift with every routine
    • Bench press
    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Power Cleans
    • Standing Military Press
    • Incorporate one superset into each of your routines

Save Time With Home Body Weight Workouts

Having a gym to go to is nice for some people… but it’s not ideal for everyone. Sometimes its easier to just workout at home. Let me assure you, you can get just as ripped at home as you can at a gym.

Body weight at home workouts are convenient and can be very effective if done properly. Here are a few examples of some killer at home workouts that will get you that fitness model body women love!

Tricep Torture

Monster Bicep Peaks

Insane Dumbbell Chest

I have always been a fun guy, well liked by most… I would even say the life of the party during some of my better moments. There were always girls around, and naturally I developed crushes from time to time. However no matter how funny or on point my game was I always fell short of closing the deal. I realized quick that all the guys who were getting the smoking hot girls had one thing I didn’t… Abs.

Not knowing how to get abs I did my research. I didn’t have time to waste… there was this girl I really liked and I wanted to get a ripped body and six pack abs fast so I didn’t lose her to another guy. The problem was I was not ripped at all and she hardly knew I existed…

I found this killer workout Program called the Six Pack Shortcuts. It incorporated Afterburn Training, an easy to follow non-restrictive eating system, and tons of exercises that could be done from home, which was perfect for my schedule and lifestyle.

I started seeing results from this program almost immediately… and after only 30 days I had a full fledged SIX PACK. I was confident and ready to get my crush in bed…

I went to this party I knew she would be at, I even wore a hoody just for an extra shock factor. We were just friends at the time so when I saw her I went to say hello and give her a hug. I walk over took off my sweat shirt making sure it lifted up my shirt a little bit so she could sneak a peek at my lower abs, and went in for a hug. I could see a different glimmer in her eyes when she looked at me once I took off my sweatshirt. When I went in for the hug one arm went around my back and her other hand went directly on my Six Pack. She instantly melted in my arms and she was mine all night, and even into the morning…Big Smile

I have never had a problem getting any girl I wanted from that day on, and I owe it all to my Six Pack Abs I got from the Six Pack Shortcuts. It gave me everything I needed to get ripped faster than I ever though would be possible. It was like all the thinking was already done for me, all I have to do was follow instructions.

The eating system was super easy to follow. There was really nothing I couldn’t eat. I ate steak almost every night for dinner. It taught me its not about what you can and cannot eat… its about portion control and the frequency of your meals.

All of the workouts were easy to follow and could be done from home. I never had any issue finding the time to workout because all of the workouts were completed in 20-30 minutes.

Lastly I got tons of support and motivation from the personal online coaches. If I ever had a question… which I rarely did… I would get a response right away so my training was never delayed.

It’s just the easiest most effective way to get the ripped abs women love insanely fast. If you want more info, and how to get started check out this free video! You wont be disappointed!