What Your Handshake Reveals About You

Handshakes are extremely common in the workplace, and they can tell you a lot about a person. Trace reports on some new studies discussing how your handshake can reveal your true age and level of education.

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Science Reveals The Power Of A Handshake
“New neuroscience research is confirming an old adage about the power of a handshake: strangers do form a better impression of those who proffer their hand in greeting.”

Firm Handshakes Help Land Jobs
“If you’re seeking employment, get a grip. A firm handshake is key to landing a job.”

Scientists Reveal the Perfect Handshake
“Scientists Thursday unveiled a step-by-step guide to an age-old custom the average person performs 15,000 times during their life — the handshake.”

When Handshakes Are Like Smoking
“Unhealthy cultural practices are as unhealthy and American as apple pie.”

Chimp ‘Secret Handshakes’ May Be Cultural
“Chimpanzees that engage in unusual hand-holding behavior during grooming may be showing off a little culture, new research suggests.”