Why And How To Keep Your Wallet Thin And Sexy

By Derrick Johnson

overstuffed men's wallet

An Unsexy Man’s Wallet

A wallet is the one thing that a man must absolutely have with him whenever he leaves his home–it basically contains his entire life. A man’s wallet is not just where he puts his money; it is a vessel that carries his entire life…and for this reason, you can tell a lot about a man just by the contents of his wallet.

Why You Should Organize Your Wallet

Even though a wallet is used to hold things that are dear to his heart, it is actually a very bad habit to put too many things inside of one’s wallet. Lots of men are guilty of keeping too many odd things inside their wallets, sometimes filling it beyond its capacity, making the wallet look like it’s ready to explode.

Do not let your wallet become that way, because not only will your wallet look silly–comical even–it will also become quite uncomfortable to carry around. If you put an overstuffed wallet in your back pants pocket, you may find yourself having to sit awkwardly or walk in a rather strange manner. In fact, the over-stuffed wallet may cause your pants to get damaged in a very embarrassing place.

Things To Keep In Your Sexy Wallet

There are a couple of things that should never be missing from a man’s wallet; these are the most important things he needs to have in them. Below are a couple of ‘must-have’ items:

Photos of Loved Ones Even though you can put your family’s picture on your cell phone these days that is not the same as having a real photograph of your loved ones hidden away in your back pocket.

Cash Paying with cash means you can get your goods faster, and sometimes cheaper, than paying with a credit card, so it’s best to carry some cash around wherever you go.

Proper Identification You should always have proper identification with you at all times…in many places, it’s the law to carry said identification. The absolute necessities are your driver’s license or a state identification card, any more and your wallet will get too crowded.

Credit Cards You do not have to bring all of the credit cards you own inside your wallet, you should only bring around two or three cards maximum.

Business Cards You never know when a business opportunity will arise, so having a couple of business cards stowed away in your wallet will help you be ready to network with professional contacts.

men's wallets

A Sexy Man’s Wallet

Things to Keep Out Of Your Sexy Wallet

Receipts You can place receipts in your wallet when you go out shopping, but when you get home, take them out immediately and file them properly.

Condoms Stuffing condoms inside a wallet is a good way to damage them, it’s better to just keep a box of them safely, and discreetly, stowed away in your car’s glove compartment (just don’t forget the potential for damage caused by the heat).

 SSN Card/Passport You should never ever carry your Social Security card and/or passport with you unless you are going to be using them immediately. Wallets do get lost occasionally, and if you happen to lose yours with these valuable items inside then you are in a world of unnecessary aggravation.

By following these tips on which items you should keep and not to keep in your wallet, you can be sure that you won’t be walking around looking like one butt cheek is more robust than the other one.