Types of Men That Women Consider Undateable

the playerBy Sophie O’Brien and Patrick Ogunnaike

When it comes to women talking about men, there are usually a few male archetypes that women warn each other against.  More often than not, when girlfriends are discussing these types of men, it’s a cautionary chat on how to avoid headache and heartbreak.

These types of men are usually considered undateable or at least high risk.  Here’s a few of them to give you the inside scoop on what women are thinking.

The Emotionally Unavailable Man         

These are the guys that are still heartbroken over their last relationship. This type of man is still nursing a broken heart, and is usually carrying enough baggage to warrant a trip around the world twice over. High quality women worthy of dating will recognize the huge amount of effort and investment it will take to nurse these men back to decent dating level.

Those that have closed off their heart nearly all the way in the hopes that they won’t ever get hurt again are even more dangerous. Women who aren’t seeking drama or huge psychiatrist bills will steer clear. Do your best to work through your past, live well in the present, and plan for a bright future. Women will respond to this.

The Momma’s Boy         

These are guys that are still somewhat connected at the umbilical cord to their mothers. They usually still have their mother’s hand in most aspects of their life. She may cook, clean and still pick up after him and since he’s been so spoiled by having a personal maid he may expect every woman in his life to simply pick up right where his mother left off.

While women love a man who has a great relationship with his mother, they prefer one who is independent and can stand on his own two feet.

The Player          

These types of men are typically very smooth talking, charming and know all the tricks in the book to get what they want. More often than not, all they want is a casual sexual encounter. In the end the typical player will just end up breaking a woman’s heart, leaving her friends to help her pick up the pieces.

The Aimless

Aimless can be used to describe a man who lacks motivation and personal drive. Women will avoid getting involved with somebody who doesn’t have at least a small vision for a better or more exciting future. The 30 year old man-child still living for free in his mother’s basement is a typical example of aimlessness.

Here are some other red flags that women warn each other about:
-men who disappear for long periods of time
-men who only come around late at night
-men who start with sex talk way too early on
-men whose ex-flames come up in conversation too much.

Most women have, at some point, experienced what it’s like to date or become involved with men who fall into one or more of these categories above. If you find that you fall into one or more of these categories and have been having trouble landing a quality woman in your life, then hopefully now you know why.