Want A Testosterone Boost? Chop Wood!

By DNews

Folklore says there’s no man manlier than Paul Bunyan. And they’re right. And they’re right. Turns out chopping down trees produces a testosterone boost in men.¬†Trace explains.


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UCSB Anthropologists Study Testosterone Spikes in Non-Competitive Activities
“The everyday physical activities of an isolated group of forager-farmers in central Bolivia are providing valuable information about how industrialization and its associated modern amenities may impact health and wellness.”

Chopping boosts testosterone more than sport
“Chopping wood to clear land and feed the family produces more testosterone in men than competitive activities like sport, a new study has found.”

Should the Modern Man Be Taking Testosterone?
“Testosterone deficiency is exceedingly less common than marketing campaigns and “you only think you feel fine” culture would have us believe.”

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