Ten Things Men Need To Remember When They Become a Father

By Derrick Johnson,

fatherhoodBecoming a father for the first time can perhaps be the most intimidating role you may ever take on.  There will be plenty of changes that must be made, both in how you behave and what your day to day activities look like. Here are ten things to keep in mind when you are going to become a father:

1)      You will lose sleep- There will be plenty of sleepless nights to come. Not only will you have to rouse yourself in the middle of the night every once in a while to change a diaper, but you are going to have sleepless nights when your son or daughter becomes a teen and comes home after curfew.

2)      Your spending will increase- Clearly you are going to be providing for an additional mouth, clothing an extra body and providing for all additional needs. That extra money that you used for drinking, going out to your favorite restaurant or even buying the newest video games now goes to pampers and formula.

3)      You time is gone- There is no more ‘you’ time. That’s right! There is no more time to go out, play video games, and in some cases even hang out with your friends. Time to yourself has been traded in for time to hand out with your baby, which you will come to love more than anything else you used to do.

4)      Your language has to change- Cussing has to come to an end. At some point you will need to start to curb your language, at least around your child, because nothing is worse than teaching your two year old curse words before they can say their own name.

5)      Your fears change– As a single, or even married man, your fears often never cross your mind. But, when you have a child your thoughts and fears encompass the thought of something or someone harming your child. You fear more for your child than you ever did for yourself.

6)      You will become more loving- Naturally with something so tiny that resembles you, you tend to develop a loving and caring side that might not otherwise obtain without having a child of your own.

7)      You will become protective While you now fear for your child you’ll now start developing youro your natural instincts to protect your offspring. Like a lion in the savanna you will be protecting your child from others and from harm.

8)      You are now a role model You must now keep in mind that you are a role model for your own child. For a boy you are to be an example of how he should strive to be when he grows up, and for a young girl you are the model of how she should be treated by men.

9)      You come last- As a father, you will no longer be able to put yourself, or even your partner first. Your desires and needs are put after those of your child and your partner, but that’s ok.

10)  You are creating your legacy- The most important thing to remember when you are expecting your first child is that you are starting your legacy. Your child will forever look at you like he or she looks at no other man in the world. You are their idol, their role model and the teacher to guide your child through the rest of their lives.