When Is The Right Time For A Man To Start Dating Again?

dating after a divorce

By Derrick Johnson

When is the right time for a man to start dating again? There is no one correct answer to this question. It depends on where you are emotionally and on the circumstances surrounding the just ended relationship. Some guys already have their next girl in line before their relationship comes to an end. Other guys will take their time to move on. A few never date again at all! All the same, here’s a breakdown of some general guidelines. You will know it is right to start dating again when:



The Ugliness is Over Sometimes there is a lot of ugliness at the end of a relationship – particularly if you and your ex are sorting out property and custody disputes. It is best to focus on resolving any disputes, putting the ugliness behind you and get back to some semblance of normalcy trying to start datng again. Too much drama will make your new relationship just as complicated as the previous one.


You have Learned from the Relationship Some guys have a tendency to get with the same woman over and over and over again. She just keeps coming back with a different name. Sometimes the women even look the same! If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to sit down and evaluate your past relationships to spot any negative trends. Don’t dump your girlfriend only to marry a woman who looks and acts exactly like her. You can start dating again only when you have identified any negative trends and come up with a way of ensuring that your next relationship will be different.

You are ready for Rejection Guys who have been out of the dating game, for say 15 years or so, may not remember what it is like to be rejected. Getting out there and starting to date again means making peace with the fact that there is a chance the women you fancy may not fancy you equally. Prepare yourself to deal with rejection graciously, and realize that it is not always about you. Sometimes a woman rejects a man because she has issues. So while there is no harm in improving your game, there is no need to lose sleep over a woman’s disinterest.

The Kids are ready for it If you have kids, keep in mind that small children tend to adjust remarkably well, however teenagers are more likely to have issues, some major. You may want to keep your dating life under wraps.

Whatever the age of the children, don’t let them see you getting in and out of relationships casually. Be mindful of who you bring into your children’s lives.  You should probably wait to introduce them to your new girlfriend until you know that things between you are at a serious level.

You have an Open Mind Different men have different experiences when it comes to getting back in the game, so have an open mind from the onset. Lighten up and be ready to have fun. If things don’t go as well as planned, get back on the horse and try again. Consider it an adventure.