Real Men Vs Calvin Klein Models

A lot has been said about the impossible expectations of beauty that are constantly being placed on women. There’s no denying that they’re under never ending pressure to measure up to skinny (usually anorexic) women or super hot pinup  girls, but we guys have a similar weight on our shoulders  these days with real men’s body’s being constantly compared to spartan-esque guys with abs of steel. In fact, some studies have even shown that idealized images affect men and boys to a similar effect as how the reverse affects women in that the body image issues that they cause may be linked to male eating disorders.

That’s why it’s important (and hilarious) to show  off these pics that we found online of what it would actually look like if “real men” posed in Calvin Klein underwear ads.  Interestingly enough, when these images where shown on reddit, many women preferred the “real men” to the “fake ones”.

Check out these Real Men Vs Calvin Klein Models:



real guy vs underwear model


if real men posed in underwear ads


real men vs calvin klein models


real men posing in underwear ads


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