The Art of Power Dressing for Men

By Sarah Atkinson

‘’From the Boardroom to the Bistro’’

With menswear becoming even sleeker and taking inspiration from various sources, men of today are spoiled for choice when it comes to dressing to impress. Menswear is generally more classic than womenswear, with less noticeable change across seasons. Power dressing, for men, is not just reliant on the clothes themselves, but the mind set and confidence that accompanies wearing great clothes. It is not essential to buy clothes from a premium brand to secure a good look, so here are some very simple tips to get you noticed.

 For the office

Dressing for work is entirely different to what you choose to wear at home. Clothing has become a status symbol and may give you the boost to get ahead of competition. The key to power dressing, is finding a great suit that fits you well and as a result, builds your confidence. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt demonstrates his knack for pulling off a classic suit, yet incorporating his own personality and style.

joseph-gordon levitt power dressing

1. The Suit

Wearing a suit has become much more affordable and men have become more at ease with adding modern twists to a timeless outfit. British retailer Viyella, have showcased some great tailoring mixed with an edgy colour palette, in their new collection.

2. Accessories

Carefully selected accessories will enhance your suit, adding allure and individuality to a classic outfit. For an important meeting like an annual salary review, add horizontal accents like belts, folded pockets squares and tie bars to ensure you don’t miss out on the pay rise, to a man in a better suit!

belt, tie clip and pocket square

In the Evening

Take notice of male fashion icons such as Patrick Grant, designer at London tailors, Norton & Sons. Patrick is bona fide power dresser, renowned for his classic and elegant style. A big fan of the 3 piece suit, he also pays homage to making casual, yet stylish looks seem effortless. For an outfit which is smart enough to make an impression and yet comfortable for an evening out, take a look at one of today’s best dressed males.

patrick grant designer

To make a lasting impression and embrace a more casual feel, men should ensure their winter wardrobe is adorned with the following staples.

1. The Pea Coat

Originally worn by sailors and navy merchants in the 1970’s, pea coats are renowned for their broad lapels and double breasted fronts. They have evolved into modern society and worn with both smart and casual trousers. Mixing classic outerwear tailoring with casual pieces, allows power dressing without looking too formal.

2. The Desert Boot

Launched in the 1950’s and made famous by Clarks, the desert boot is recognizable for its smart design and practicality. A great style feature, which adds exuberance to a casual outfit, the desert boot reeks with British heritage and juxtaposed with contemporary style.

3. The Roll Neck

Resurrected from the 1990’s, the roll neck has proved its resilience to ever changing fashion tastes and is back on trend for 2013. Worn under the pea coat and dressed down with jeans, this staple will add oomph to a classic look.

mens casual style
About the author:

Sarah Atkinson is a digital marketer who works closely with many fashion labels. She is currently working alongside Viyella.