Simple Tip To Become The Perfect Girlfriend

What makes a girl a keeper? It’s not about being the sexiest or having the hottest body. There are very few traits that confident, mature men look for in their idea of a perfect girlfriend and at the top of the list is self-awareness and understanding. Mr Locario coaches on a simple thing that this girl can do to stand out from the crowd and claim position as the one that her boyfriend would never want to let get away.

By Mr Locario

About The Author:

What separates Mr. Locario from other relationship gurus is his no nonsense realistic approach to the dating game and the game of life. The idea is to give men and women the knowledge, truth, and confidence to understand what they want, thus, helping create the best options for themselves in Love and in Life. Mr. Locario has been featured on Vh1, FUSE, The Dish Network, TLC, ABC Family, The Tyra Banks Show and Anderson Cooper. He has also written for, Singles Warehouse and the Fort Green New York Times Blog.