Movies It’s Ok For A Man To Cry At

By Derrick Johnson

As a man you are automatically assumed to be tough as nails. Tears are signs of a weakling. But, let’s face it, even some of the toughest men on Earth cry when they watch certain movies. While you might not want to cry at a movie with your bro, it is ok to shemovies that make men cryd a tear when watching a sappy movie with your girl.

But you can’t be caught crying at just any movie! If a man are gonna be emotional at a movie then that movie has to be legitimately sad and emotionally pull at your heart strings.

Now, it is important to make it clear that crying does not mean bawling like someone in real life died, or like your five years old and someone stole your Hot Wheels.

Crying for a man at a movie should be no more than a few tears shed, minimal sniffling, and you should never, ever need a tissue. That being said, here are a few of the classic movies that won’t make you look like a wimp for crying at:


The Notebook



Seven Pounds


Saving Private Ryan

Schindler’s List

Shawshank Redemption

Brian’s Song

Old Yeller

ad logo_kissWhile these aren’t the only tearjerker films that you will come across, as new ones are released each year, these are some of the most common movies to pull tears from a man.>

So, next time you are watching one of these movies with your wife or girlfriend, feel free to shed a tear or two. However, before you shed your first tear take a glance at your girl next to you and make sure that she is already tearing up. first.

A tear or two says you still have an emotional side and can be sweet and endearing to your girl. So, as long as you maintain composure when you shed your tears, you might be surprised at how she responds to your emotional side!