Men’s Fashion 101: Stylish Men’s Office Wear

stylish office men's wear

By Sarah Atkinson

The adage goes “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” but even though when it comes to men’s office wear men are limited to suits, shirts and ties in the office, these simple tips will having you looking sharp and stylish every day. you can maximize their potential so that you look sharp and stylish every day.

The most important thing, and the one thing you absolutely need to get right or your look just won’t work is getting a suit that fits you properly and that suits your body type. It is worth getting your staple suit tailored so that it fits you perfectly.

Suits are actually really versatile and a great tool for flattering your body as long as you are honest about your body shape with yourself and work your suit accordingly. Men on the larger side should stick to darker, plain suits that are the right size with medium size lapels; trying to hide your belly in a suit that swamps you or trying to suck it in with a suit that is too tight just won’t work.

Likewise, if you’re short, don’t swamp your frame with a suit that’s longer than you! Choose a peaked lapel to draw the eye upward, thus adding height and the jacket cut just under your hips to elongate your legs. Once you have your perfect suit, you can use this as a foundation to build your look upon.

White shirts are an absolute staple for formal occasions and make a great base for most looks, but the occasional coloured navy or grey shirt gets more outfit choices out of your suit whilst looking sharp.

Adding a pocket square instantly makes your outfit appear more “put together” and brings attention to your chest.

Ties are mandatory in a lot of offices, but this can be used to your advantage as they can add interest, contrast and extra colour to your outfit. You can mix and match different patterns and contrasting colours to modernize your look whilst looking stylish.

Smart Casual for the office

If you want to try contrasting your shirt and tie but don’t know where to start or are worried that you’ll look odd instead of edgy, buy a pre-matched tie and shirt combo. Many men’s office wear companies do these and this also means that you don’t have to think about putting together your outfit as much.

If your office’s dress code doesn’t require wearing a suit or a tie, remember that casual doesn’t mean sloppy. A tailored sports jacket with lighter (but not white, please!) trousers is a great smart casual look that can be worn to business meetings and is less restrictive than a suit.

Alternatively, you can try pairing fitted, flat-fronted khakis with a checked shirt and contrasting tie for a look that’s individual and fun whilst still looking well put-together. If it’s still cold, you can add a v-necked jersey or button-up cardigan with this look to keep you warm.

Whether you’re going for smart casual or business formal, you can easily look sharp and stylish in the office just by learning what fits and suits you and pairs well together whilst injecting some individuality.

About the Author: Sarah Atkinson works alongside many fashion brands such as Austin Reed and when she is not working she loves nothing more than reading fashion blogs, keeping fit and traveling.