Are Men More Forgetful Than Women?

By Dnews

If a man forgets an anniversary or a birthday, is he really to blame? When told to get something in another room, do you forget what you were asked to retrieve the moment you step into a different room? Crystal steps in today to answer some of Trace’s questions about memory, how men are more forgetful, and a phenomenon called “event boundaries.”

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“The French poet Paul Valéry once said, ‘The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.'”

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“Previous research using virtual environments has revealed a location-updating effect in which there is a decline in memory when people move from one location to another.”…
“If your husband is absent-minded, forgets your wedding anniversary or the name of your new neighbor, don’t worry. You are not the only one with a forgetful man in the house.”