Making Your Girl Happy – It’s The Little Things…

how to keep my girlfriend happy

By Johnnie Loftus

Making your girl happy and keeping her that way is the secret to a strong relationship. Guys in love are always wondering how they can satisfy their significant other.

Do I buy her expensive jewelry, bring flowers every other day, or take her to romantic dinners once a week; just how do I keep my girl happy?

The solution to this centuries old problem may be as plain as the nose on your face. Making your girl happy doesn’t have to be about big spending and an endless supply of flowers, it is mostly about the little things…

What you have to know is that women keep track of all the little things that you do, kind of like a score card. You get even more points for doing things that she doesn’t expect you to do.

  • Do the dishes: Nothing says I love you like clean dishes. The simple fact that a man is in the kitchen with a sponge and a towel is enough to bring a smile to even the most demanding of women.
  • Cook, cook, cook: Since most women work, it is not a stretch to say that the man may be the one cooking dinner from time to time. This is your chance to score huge points; a good cook can be the ultimate woman pleaser. Wearing the apron alone will go a long way to making you a winner in your woman’s heart.
  • Wash the clothes: Washing clothes is never a fun proposition for a man. It is nothing short of a pain to sort the whites from the colors, get the correct amount of bleach, and make sure that nothing will shrink in the dryer. And of course there is the monotonous folding which is enough to make even the sanest of man pick up a copy of the book, Final Exit. With all of that said, the guy who puts in the effort in the Laundromat is sure to receive high praise from his significant other.
  • Hold the door open: As much as the modern day woman will say that she wants to be independent and hold her own; secretly, she loves a man who will hold the door for her. This simple yet effective gesture will make her feel as if she is back in a time believed long lost, and it will surely make you the apple of her eye.

A couple of the bigger things thrown in…

  • Show your woman that you can play the role of her supporter as well as her conqueror: Women want your support, but at the same time they are down to be subdued from time to time; a contradiction that tends to make men crazy. In an article for Psychology Today entitled, “What do Women Want”, Noam Shpancer, Ph.D. writes, “On the one hand is the desire for stability, intimacy, and security—picture the flame on the burner of a gas stove: controlled, utilitarian, domesticated, and good for making dinner. On the other hand is the need to feel totally, uncontrollably desired, the object of a man’s raw, primal lust—picture a house on fire”. Something as simple as remaining a stable shoulder to lean on, as well as initiating the occasional romp will add up to a satisfied woman and a strong kinship.

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  • Communicate with her: This may be one of the more delicate dances you will have to master; a dance that must be executed with the utmost precision. If you feel she is in the wrong about something, let her know, but do so in a non-confrontational manner. If you are too argumentative, she will feel like she has no voice. If you believe she is right, then say so, but make sure that you do not simply roll over and become the yes man; doing so will cause her to quickly lose all respect for you. If you are not sure, then let her know that you need to take more time to think about it. A recent study on relationships published in the Journal of Family Psychology states, “Believing that a partner cares about one’s welfare and will attend to one’s emotions and needs is an essential feature of relationship health and well-being”. The simple fact that you want to consider her viewpoint will make you the hero in her eyes.

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Making your woman happy does not have to be about spending on big ticket items, going out to fancy dinners, or waiting for that once in a year holiday to come around. Taking care of the little things such as cooking the occasional dinner, washing a dish here and there, and mixing in some laundry duties, along with remaining supportive and making sure to communicate, will go a long way to assuring your girl that you are the right guy for her.

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