How To Dress For A Job Interview

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By James Hardy

Whether you’ve gone to tons of interviews in your time or you’re about to go into your first job interview, there are few basic rules of etiquette that have to be observed and how to dress for a job interview is definitely a big one.  Even if your interview is over Skype or any other online communication system, these rules still apply. That is, if you want to be taken seriously by the person conducting the interview.

A major part of the basic rules is your appearance. Dressing for a job interview is all about making a strong and positive first impression. Many interviews do not go longer than 10 – 15 minutes so you need to grab any opportunity possible to create a favorable image for yourself. In fact a survey of more than 2,000 HR managers reveals that 33% knew within the first 2 minutes whether the applicant could be a good fit or not. That’s not a lot of time to say anything. It’s just enough to shakes hands, hand over your resume, and sit down.  Even more interesting is that 55% of these Human Resources managers confirming that the way an applicant dresses, walks in the door and takes a seat seals his fate. Hence it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to practice your movements and nonverbal communications on the first 120 seconds of walking into the interview.

To help you get started, here is the generally accepted dress code for job applicants:

Do Some Research – Dress For Your Audience

Perhaps you have heard that Google’s offices is very informal and most employees dress down. Those going in for job interviews tend to stick out like a sore thumb if they dress up formally. According to Bryan Power who works at Google, he has even interviewed some guys who come in board shorts and sneakers and “blow him away” with the interview answers/conversation.

Of course the Google work environment is atypical so it would be recommended that you do some background research on the company you plan to apply with as far as dress code is concerned.

Look Neat, Be Neat

The crumpled look is definitely whether you are wearing casual or formal clothes. It is a definite sign of laziness, disrespect for the company, and a messy personality. In fact, you should be with the least amount of accessories and hand carry as possible.

Tone Down Your Style

About 70% is HR Managers and interviewers are not impressed with too much color and trendy clothing. If you are a person who believes in being stylish, then dress down and bring out your fashionista side once you’ve been hired. Certainly, there will be opportunities at work where you will need to dress to impress.

If your sense of style is body piercing, take a deep breath and remove all controversial jewelry like nose rings, multiple earring studs, and most definitely, the tongue stud. Otherwise, you will be out of the office within 2 minutes of meeting your interviewer unless he or she is into pierced body jewelry.

While it would be impossible to hide a tattoo in some cases, make an effort if you want to be taken seriously. The general concept of people with tattoos is that they are unsettled and not necessarily a team player.

Wardrobe experts say that applicants should always think of a job interview as possibly the one and only time they have to tell an interviewer about themselves. Aside from an impressive resume, the proper look gives an applicant a 65% chance of being offered the job.

Other Quick Tips

  • Some applicants make the wrong choice of concentrating on their top alone. They forget to clean and shine their shoes or wear the right pair of pants. Don’t assume that because a table will hide the lower portion of your body, it doesn’t matter how dirty your shoes are
  • Avoid loud colors and dizzy patterns
  • Don’t have squeaky shoes or coins in your pocket

A job interview can change the course of your life so taking the interview seriously is important. It can be devastating to be turned down because you didn’t dress the part and learn that someone less qualified got your dream job. It’s a small concession to work on your appearance if it means being given a chance to prove just how good you are for the company you want to work for.

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