The Handkerchief Just Plain Old Fashioned Or A Modern Necessity?

By Derrick Johnson

It’s been said, that a man should never go out of the house without a handkerchief on him.

Why, you ask? Well it turns out that even in our modern world, there are various situations where having a handkerchief does come in pretty handy.

handkerchief usesSituation 1 – Mopping the Sweat Off of Your Brow

If the temperature is rather warm outside you can use your handkerchief to wipe off the excess perspiration to continue to look dapper even on hot days. Or you can wipe your sweat off over your arm or your shirt like a caveman. Your choice…

Situation 2 – Being her knight in shining armor

Chivalry is not dead, at least not yet anyway, and having a handkerchief at the right time shows the women in your lives that you’re a man of class and distinction.

No, you will not be laying your handkerchief down over a puddle so that your lady friend can walk over it (that’s just a perfectly good waste of a handkerchief), but you will need it for when you come across a lady who is overcome with sadness. You will never know when you will be consoling a lady, so other than giving a shoulder to cry on, it’s also a debonair move to pull out a handkerchief and offer it to the lady; just make sure that your hanky is clean before you give it to her.

Situation 3 – For Sneezing or Blowing Your Nose

You should always blow your nose the way your mother taught you, into your handkerchief and not in your hands. This is why you should always have a handkerchief ready and waiting for when you feel the urge to sneeze or blow your nose. But blowing your nose into your handkerchief should only be done once or twice, if you have a really stuffy nose then you should bring along a packet of tissues along with you.

Situation 4 – Drying Your Hands

Ever been in a situation where you just finished washing your hands in the washroom and there are no paper towels in the dispenser, and the hand dryer is not working properly? These things do happen and having a handkerchief presents a much better alternative than having to wipe your wet hands on your pants. So always have a handkerchief in your pocket for keeping your hands clean and dry.

Situation 5 – Cleaning the Lens of Your Glasses

Want to look intelligent in front of the ladies? Then take off your glasses (if you are wearing them), pull out a silk handkerchief, and proceed to clean said glasses. Doing this will make you look like you’re an intellectual person, someone that should be taken seriously; this will definitely impress your date, just don’t do it too often or you will look like someone who really has bad eyesight.

These are the 5 most common situations in which having a handkerchief on you will be most handy indeed. So always keep a healthy stock of clean handkerchiefs ready at home and remember to never go out without at least one of them; you will never know when you will need them.