How to Hail A Cab… Like a Man

By Derrick Johnson

One of the most underrated skills that every man should have is the ability to effectively hail a cab. You might be thinking that anyone can hail a taxicab, but it will surprise you to know that a lot of people still do not know the proper way to hail a cab. In this article you will learn about the proper techniques and etiquette (yes, there are some manners involved) in hailing a cab.

Stand On the Side of the Street In the Direction You Are Going

This isn’t really a requirement when hailing a cab, it is more of a common courtesy to the driver, since he will not have to drive down the street and turn back around. Not having to turn around means you will be saving a bit of time and money as well.

Do Not Whistle or Yell “Taxi!”

These things are only done in the movies, and the driver would not be able to hear you anyway through all the street noises and he will most likely have the windows rolled up. So stop yelling and whistling, you’ll just look more like a tourist than anything.

Look for an Ideal Spot

You cannot just hail a taxi anywhere you like. You should first find a spot where there are lots of them passing through. The ideal place is a busy street corner, somewhere near a traffic light is best.

Stick Your Arm Out Like A Man

You will want the cab driver to notice you so you need to make yourself as visible as possible. Extend your arm out like you mean it and wave it around a bit. You may also want to step off the sidewalk and onto the street when hailing a cab so you can be sure that the driver sees you; just be careful to not get hit by oncoming traffic.

Check the Lights to Know if It’s Already Taken

It’s quite embarrassing if you try to hail an occupied, or off duty cab. Before you even raise your hand check the lights above the cab to find out whether it already has a passenger or if the driver is on his way home.

It’s Always First Come, First Served

If there are people waiting for a cab on the street corner who came before you, the next cab that pulls over should be theirs. So even if the cab pulls over in front of you, you should let the other people who have been waiting longer for a cab to get on it.


15% of the total fare is the customary tip for most taxicabs. But if the driver helps you with your luggage then you should at least add a dollar per bag.

These are just some of the things that you need to know about how to properly hail and board a cab in the city. So if you want to avoid making a fool out of yourself then it is best that you brush up on these basics before you even step out onto the street.