Men’s Fashion 101: Getting All Tied Up

By Rechell McDonald

Looking suave (or trying to) is all well and good, but it’s the details that make all the difference. If you get sloppy with the little things then you might as well not bother throwing on a nice suit at all. So what are these oh- so- critical details that you must get right? Well there are many things such as hairstyle, facial hair, cologne and shoes that are all necessary to rock a great suit well, but what’s the deal breaker?

The Tie
Mastering tying a tie is a skill that many men never master.  And even for those who do learn how to put together a decent knot many don’t realize that there’s more than just one way to do it and learning a few more Tie knots can really separate you from the crowd.

windsor tie knots

The Windsor knot

Here’s a list of some of the most common and not so common tie knots that can take your style to the next level.

Many men can’t tie a Windsor Knot, which is arguably the most versatile and valuable tie knot a man can have in his arsenal. It’s great for the office, date-night, business meetings or a formal event – if you need to know any knot, you need to know the Windsor. It originated in England, naturally, hence the name and is very popular amongst The Royals as well as being a required form of tie-tying for the Royal Air Force personnel. This style of knot is also referred to as a Full Windsor or a Double Windsor, but they are all the same thing.

how to tie a four in hand tie knot

The Four In Hand Knot

The Four In Hand Knot is considered to be the most widely used and easiest knot to perform. It is especially great when you are going for a more casual look which could still include a suit, simply sans blazer. Its ease of use means it gets featured at events it probably shouldn’t but hey! A proper knot is better than no knot, right? A particularly interesting thing to note about this knot is that it is that it is a short man’s best friend. Its narrow style helps to elongate the body instead of building girth at the collar. Although it’s a must to look the part – it’s also handy if you know what you are doing. To this end, keep the casual and simple knot for casual occasions and when it’s time to gear-up, use a formal knot (aka The Windsor etc).

Now, here’s where things get crazy. The Merovingian Knot (Matrix Reloaded? Yes!), sometimes confused with The Edeity Knot, is something you have to try. This knot is unique and stunning; if you want to wow a crowd then this is the knot to learn. It is a great choice for a formal occasion and because of its visual complexity, it might not fit-in so well with a casual event. This is something you should wear when you pull out all the stops and could be the perfect finishing touch on your wedding day.

merovingian tie knot

The Merovingian Tie Knot

There are over 80 different ways to tie a tie; of course, it would be impractical to recount them all here so instead, here are a few to note: The Trinity Knot, The Cross Knot and The Cape Knot. All of these are intricate and take some practice but it is well worth it.

Looking great, knowing how to do sophisticated tasks like tying multiple knots will give you a confidence boost and something to talk about. What is more interesting than a guy who just knows how to tie almost any knot and tell you about it too? It’s definitely not a run-of-the-mill skill, right?

Knowing how to tie a variety of knots makes you look worldlier than perhaps you are and helps you to stand out. Women love a man who can dress himself so start off on the right foot by making a great first fashion impression. It’s not all about impressing the ladies either. Knot-tying is an art that gets overlooked so this makes it a great way to get noticed at work; everyone appreciates a smart dresser who adds an air of professionalism to the room.

For step by step instructions on how to knot your tie, download How To Tie a Tie from the Google App store or check out other apps that are available for iPhones.