Dear Dads – It’s time to Step Up!

By Gordon Myers

Isn’t it weird how you have some of your Dad in you at all times, especially the times that you don’t really want it? Dads play such a critical role in the lives of their kids that it is not to be taken lightly.

What you personally teach your kids growing up is what they will take with them into the real world when they eventually give independence a try.

how to be a good dadWe know that adversity is a great teacher and do try to predict just how difficult it will be in the future. How many times can one get knocked down before they just can’t get up any more? The life of an unprepared young adult is seldom easy.

What was once a privilege is now a necessity. The most important one being know-how. Taken for granted like the air we breathe are smart phones, computers, and the Internet and the ability to swiftly navigate the latest technology. Shut out of the real world, are those who fail to step up and learn, never really getting to appreciate much of a good life.

The tools that humans need today are both mechanical and physiological, without both they will hardly amount to much. What good is it to have a job, a family and a few toys if it is always just short of enough?

Kids need to have the drive to succeed and to commit to a lifestyle of hard work and dedication until equilibrium is reached, commonly known as happiness. It is OK to be happy, even always.

We are however vehemently reminded every single day of every single year that there will come a time when things are not so cool. Perhaps your entire orbit overturns and is very hard to put back together. Anything spiraling out of control in any direction can take years to stabilize. Yes and it can happen to you and your children.

Dads, it is time to be relentless and teach your children about the world, the challenges, the truths, the deceits and way in which it can and will control them if they allow it. Teach them early, especially if already being regularly influenced by others, beyond your control.

Dads have the obligation, the experience and vested interest in children becoming the best adults possible; the whole world is counting on it.

Of course Dads are people too; we all know that. So what is it about Dads that get them stuck, especially when it comes to preparing their kids for life?

Seriously, Dads, you get your kids for the first years all to yourself. You have total influence; character building, compassion, time, dedication, unconditional love, protection and emotional connection, all human needs that are forever missed when ‘overlooked’.

Every kid wants a Dad that they can call a hero! Just by ‘being there’ for your kid you are being brave because ‘being there’ is a promise to provide all the above and much, much more, until no longer needed.  Raising a kid is the bravest thing anyone can do because it always involves sacrifices, some immeasurable just to do one’s very best.

Like Moms today Dads have jobs, except for the second job, Mom’s are in charge of everything you can imagine to keep a functional household going.

Hey Dads, you can play your part!
Teach your kids everything you can about everything you can think of…early in life before the Internet teaches them, before TV teaches them, Music and Video teach them…the mission is to empower them to handle whatever comes their way, no matter when.

Give your kids the ability to take anything on, to do what it takes and to never give up. Bring it on! Because that’s the way it feels when life gets done, right!

If you’re a Dad! Find out what it takes to turn a house into a healthy, productive, considerate, loving and happy home. This is your second job!

If you can…it’s a must!

About the Author: Gordon Myers was born in Namibia, then grew up in a tumultuous environment in Cape Town from the age of 7. At 25, he took off, with nothing more than a backpack. After eight months of winging it through 11 different countries, he arrived in the USA, alone and broke. Without a formal education or a single contact to rely on, one can only imagine what lay ahead.

From day one he started learning lessons the hard way. Now, 26 years later, married for 23 years, a proud father of an accomplished daughter and son, Gordon knows what it is like to seek information in nontraditional and innovative ways. Author of the book Street Smart Kids and an inspirational speaker, Gordon’s mission is to coach kids so they don’t make the same mistakes he did.