How To Cope With Your Pregnant Wife

By Janet Osman

how to cope with your pregnant wifeMany women are inclined to believe that a pregnancy in a relationship is only stressful and full of emotions for her; however as a man, and a future father, you are certainly not exempt from experiencing nine months of confusion and strange emotions as well.

Not only are you nervous, anxious and perhaps fearful of what fatherhood will bring, but you have to deal with the mood swings and hormonal changes that are occurring perhaps even hourly with your partner. But, one factor that stands true throughout a pregnancy is that in order to make your life just a little easier you might have to do a little bit of overlooking and a lot of extra pampering.

From a female’s perspective pregnancy is difficult, but while she might not admit it immediately, your compassion and presence throughout the nine months speaks wonders about your affection for her and the kind of father you will become. Here are just a few of the ways to help the expecting process just a little easier for your partner, and in turn for you.

Take an Interest

While you might not know anything about preparing for or having a baby it is important for your partner to see that you are taking an interest in learning and helping her to prepare for your child. This could be as simple as purchasing a father’s guide to pregnancy, helping to paint the nursery, helping her to pick out baby names and going to a physician’s appointment with her.

Be Supportive

During a pregnancy, particularly in the first and third trimester you can expect to hear about pains, aches, nausea and a lot of emotions that accompany this special time. While it might get exhausting to hear daily it is important to understand the process that her body is undergoing, and her sharing about swollen feet or back pain is not to annoy you, but rather to share with you what she is going through. Take the time to listen to her and dote on her just a little more than usual, foot massages, back rubs and the like go a long way for a woman who is carrying your child.

Be Optimistic

Whether your child was planned or came as a surprise, for a pregnant and already emotional woman there is nothing worse than hearing pessimistic, negative talk about the future. For nine months you are going to be the person that your partner leans on, so hearing you nervous, unsure and even upset about the future and your child will transpire into a more emotional pregnancy. While it is inevitable to feel weary and nervous about what fatherhood will bring, you have to let your partner know that you are staying strong for her right now in her time of need.

While these are just a few of the significant ways that you can cope with a pregnant partner, they are going to be significant to your partner. When you offer her support, take an interest and are optimistic about the future with your child it can ease her emotional outbursts, making both of your lives easier.

Update Feb 2014: To continue your education and to give you more insight on how to successfully cope with your pregnant wife here’s a great video from an awesome couple.