What Every Woman Should Know About Commitment Phobia in Men

why do men fear commitment
By Derrick Johnson

Commitment phobia in men is the bane of women everywhere!

You think you’ve found the man of your dreams. He’s the most eligible bachelor in the world. You love him and he loves you too. You want to spend every single moment of your life with him, you think you’re finally gonna have your happily ever after just like in fairy tales.

Dreams of “settling down” with him dance through your head, dreams of buying  “our dream home” and having “our children”.

But then reality brings your dreams to a schreeching halt because he’s just not interested in a commitment.

The TOP 3 reasons for commitment phobia in men:

1. Fear of being trapped: One of the reasons why your man may have commitment issues is because of a fear of “being trapped”. He doesn’t want to lose his freedom by being committed to a single woman. Men are independent beings and they love to live a life of freedom. They want to make their own rules and live their lives on their own terms.

A man’s life changes dramatically when he gets into a committed relationship with the woman of his dreams.  The next step is often kids, a family and a home. With kids and a home come a lot of responsibilities which can be a very stressful proposition to take on if he doesn’t feel  he’s ready for it. So this becomes the reason for commitment phobia in men.

2. Old haunting memories: Another reason for the development of commitment phobia in men may be old memories of their past relationships that may still hurt them. If your man has been previously cheated on and left for another man or perhaps used by a woman who was only interested in his bank balance then you can see how that would stop him from risking it all by committing again. He’s become a commitment phobic man because he fears that if he commits again, he’ll just end up getting hurt again. Of course most guys will never tell you this because they have too much pride. So if you sense that this may be his issue then you need to find a way to help him get over this particular love hurdle.

3. Sexual Boredom: There are some men who simply hate the idea of having just one sex partner throughout their life. This leads to commitment phobia in men. Some men don’t like the concept of “forever yours” when it comes to having sex. They have varied tastes and want to try out different dishes to satisfy their appetite. These “sexually adventurous” men not even have what you could call a phobia when it comes to commitment they may simply just not be interested in settling for just one woman. If this is the issue you’re facing then you’re going to have a very hard time cause his goals and needs are actually exactly opposite from yours. It may be better just to cut this one loose.

So there you have it 3 key reasons for commitment phobia in men.  If you can recognize which issue you’re facing then you have that much of a better chance to overcome it or at least not save yourself some time by getting out of a relationship that may not be going anywhere.

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