How to Choose the Right Career Path for Your Personality Type

By Derrick Johnson

personality typesA good number of people are trapped in a job that if given the opportunity they would try to avoid. This is a sad reality that is happening because of inability to make the right choices early on.

But it is never too late to look for another career especially if you are still in the productive stage of your professional life. What’s important is to look for a job that fits your personality as a person. This way, you get to enjoy what you’re doing and earn a living at the same time. It is easy to grow professionally in the profession that you love doing so it is necessary to make sure that the job fits your personality.


The Personality types
There are several models on personality types that have been studied. The study of human behavior proved to be a complex task but experts have managed to narrow down the study by encapsulating the different theories over time. The traditional idea is that your particular type of personality is inborn and thus something that an unchangeable part of your genes. But modern day research has shown that while growing up, there are factors that also influence and can possibly alter the behavior of every person like your family, culture, environment, and the society in general.

In this article we’ll explore one well known model that describes 4 core personality types; Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric and Phlegmatic.  Each personality type has their strengths and weaknesses that can predispose you to one type of career over another.

Now keep in mind that no one is simply one personality type but from reading the section below you’ll probably find that you identify with one personality type (or perhaps 2) more strongly than the others.

So read on and see where you fit.
This is a type of temperament is described as a person with an extrovert personality. If you love to talking to people and being the life of the party, then this is more likely your type of personality. People falling under this type of personality are outgoing, friendly, a good communicators. If this personality fits you, then a career in marketing, sales, teaching, corporate communications, and related fields may be some of the ideal career paths for you.

This kind of personality type is more on the introverted side. If you are the type who has good attention to detail and desires everything to be in perfect order, then you might be a melancholic. People with this personality are known to have very good artistic tendencies and also with good organization skills along with an analytical mind. When faced with a problem they are good thinkers and can come up with a well studied solution to the problems at hand. People with this type of personality are said to have the tendency to become successful in the field of medicine, law, engineering, writing, and art.

This type of temperament describes people who others would identify as Type A personalities. The people are driven, ambitious and usually seek or attract leadership positions in organizations. They are good planners and quick to make and take decisions. However they can also be domineering if they get out of control. There is no set field or industry for this personality type however they can do very well in their own business or in management or leadership positions within other organizations.

This fourth type of temperament describes people who are quiet, industrious, and prefer to be left alone to do the task. They need little or no supervision and can finish the task that they put their minds into. They have very good observation and problem solving skills and also have fine attention to details. People with this personality type can have a good career in the field of IT, accounting, programming, book keeping, administrative, and other careers where attention to detail is important.

As I said earlier, the above four temperaments can be combined in one person. Usually, two temperaments are combined in one person with one being dominant and the other just a minor part of your personality. Most human resource departments of big companies actually try to determine the personality of the applicant by giving them psychological tests. This will enable them to find out early on what kind of temperament you have and will try to see if you can fit into the corporate culture.

When you know your personality and the kind of career that you would love doing, it is important to get the training or educational background that could lead to getting the job that you want. It is best early on during your college years to determine the career suited for your personality. But it is also not too late to seek a career change if you have the time to specialize in a different field.