What Your Car Says About You?

By Derrick Johnson

Remember back in high school when the cool guys in school that the girls swooned over always had the sweet cars? It was clear in high school that most women paid attention to cars that men drive.

So maybe you’re asking if after you graduate high school, does the car you drive still matter to a woman? While this isn’t true of all women, there are many who still look at your car as a measure of your professional success.

Women not only pay attention to the kind of car that you drive, but the interior of your car as well. How clean you keep the interior of your car is also a reflection of how clean the interior of your home or apartment is oftentimes.

what you car says about youTake a closer look at what your car says about you to a woman:

  • Cleanliness Both the interior and the exterior of your car speak wonders. If you have a car that is doused in mud and dirt a female is most likely thinking that you are outdoorsy, rugged and tough. However, if the inside of your car is dirty it tells a woman that you’re just dirty and messy; a potential indication of what your home might look like as well.
  • OrnamentationIf you are a man who likes to decorate his vehicle with stickers, toys and jokingly funny items that you and your bros can laugh at, you might want to reconsider what you put on your vehicle (that is if you are looking to attract women).Your stickers and decals clearly tell others what you want them to. So, if you want to boast your education with a Penn State sticker that’s always looked upon fondly. But, if you are looking to capture attention of others with a Garfield suction cup kitty, then maybe you want to think twice about what message you are conveying to women. A vehicle that is unmarked in any way that is driven by man may spark a woman to think of you as mysterious.

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  • Style of Car- Depending on the woman there are certain interpretations that they will generate based on the style of car that you drive. Sports cars or tricked out cars are an indication of a man that is interested in dating and having fun. Men who are looking to settle down or looking for a permanent relationship are often driving vehicles that are family-friendly, SUVs and sedans for example. Driving a 4×4 truck can be interpreted as you being a rugged handy man or outdoorsy type.

Now that you understand how some women will view your vehicle you can ask yourself what your vehicle is saying about you. Are you are sending out a message that you don’t want to send?