Why Wearing A Bow Tie Ups Your Style In The 21st Century

up your styleIn the past, bow ties have been associated with academics like Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, signifying a quirky nerd’s badge of honour. The bow tie could also be considered a go-to accent piece for a young man on his way to prom or a wedding trying to emulate the ultimate gentleman. Today the accessory can be worn by both men and women as a badge of courage, signifying a confident, nonconformist person of style.

Sultan Sandur, founder of Just Sultan, which offers a line of bow ties and pocket squares handcrafted in Toronto, believes the trend is here to stay. “Bow ties have become bold accessories for the fashion forward. It’s a simple way to add a hint of excitement to your life and wardrobe.”

Makesultan2 no mistake, it’s no simple task to pull off this look. Wearing a bow tie makes a statement and says something about your personality, so choosing the right colour and pattern is important to wearing it well. Here are a few style tips to consider when rocking the bow tie:

  1. Avoid wearing a perfectly neat clip-on bow tie. A beautifully asymmetrical, slightly tousled bow makes it look effortless.
  2. Solid coloured bow ties look best with crisp light or dark solid shirts.
  3. The bright or motley bow tie pairs well with a light or dark colored suit or shirt.
  4. Subtle or one colored pattern bow ties match well with plaid or striped fabrics.
  5. Material matters. For summer look for bow ties in seersucker, madras, and straight cotton.
  6. Most importantly, have fun with it and get playful expressing yourself.  

Bored of the traditional neck tie? Break through your style blahs with the bow tie, the perfect accent piece to punch up your look with some swagger. Best worn as an alternative not a uniform, the bow tie has definitely earned its place in our repertoire in the 21st century. 

About The Author:

Helen Lialias is a communications specialist with an expertise in public relations. She has worked in the retail, entertainment and insurance sectors where she developed an advanced ability to conceive and implement corporate strategies to elevate company profiles in diverse industries. This piece was sponsored by Just Sultan which offers exclusive one-of-a-kind a line of bow ties and pocket squares handcrafted in Toronto designs with unique fabrics hand selected from around the globe. “Our bow ties are versatile to give you multiple fresh vibrant looks depending on your mood. “