Awesome Ways To Propose To Your Girl

marriage proposal ideas

By Derrick Johnson

Marriage proposals, for most men this is the most nerve-wracking few seconds of their entire lives. The moment just before you blurt out your intentions, there are literally hundreds of thoughts simultaneously running through your mind; like “what if I stutter?”, “what if I blow it and she says no?”

Keep in mind though that if you get it wrong, you may not only get a no but you may end up like the guy in this poor fellow.

Here are some of suggestions on how and where to pop the question. These will at least help ease your mind if only for a little bit.

The Place You Two First Met

Proposing to your girl at the place where your eyes first met will almost always guarantee that you will get a yes. A deluge of happy memories will flood into your girl’s mind when you pop the question where you two first met, making her sentimental and giddy all at the same time.

On Valentine’s Day

This is every girl’s fantasy.  Nothing can make your date on St. Valentine’s Day more romantic than a marriage proposal during or after your dinner date. You can hide the engagement ring inside a piece of chocolate, or ask the waiter to serve the ring to your date right after you both had your meal; doing so will make every Valentine’s Day after a lot more special.

Set Her on a Treasure Hunt

Nothing builds excitement more than a treasure hunt for the engagement ring. While your girl is still sleeping, hide the ring inside the house and leave her a couple of clues to help her on her quest. Just be sure that you are near her when she finally lands on the “treasure.”

Spell it out for her

Rather than say it out, why not present your marriage proposal in writing? It does not matter where you write it; you can hire a sky writer to place your message in the clouds, or you can write it on your snow covered lawn so she can see it out the window when she wakes up. This will make her feel that you really did put in a lot of time and effort in your proposal.

The Surprise Attack

Sometimes all you need to do is grab the moment and propose to her right then and there. While you two are walking down the street suddenly drop down to one knee (don’t mind even if there is a puddle water there, it will only add to the effect trust me), pull out the ring and propose then and there.

The Wake Up Call

If you are not much of a talker, then you can just simply slip the ring on her finger as she’s sleeping and prepare yourself for the shrieks of joy that will wake you up the morning after.
So there you have it, these marriage proposal ideas should help get your creative mind working.

The key is to get brainstorming to create a list of great marriage proposal ideas. One trick is to ask yourself  the question, how would you do it if money was no object? Don’t worry about the how just then, you can get to the details when you have a list of marriage proposal ideas to work with. Have fun with it.