Awesome Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

By Janet Osman

Every man who has ever had a girlfriend, or been married, on Valentine’s Day understands that it can either be one of the best days of the year, or the worst. Getting the wrong gift, or forgetting the day entirely, is a surefire way to making sure your next Valentine’s Day is spent alone.

valentine's day gift ideas for girlfriend

here are some creative tweaks you can make to some traditional valentines day gift ideas for your girlfriend

Before you head out to the local supermarket and purchase a cheesy card with a generic box of heart candies it is a good idea to stop and think about what your Valentine really would want on this day of romance. Take it from a woman, the more thought you put into the gift you give the better chance you have of preserving the love and romance of Valentine’s Day for another year.

Oftentimes when men think of Valentine’s Day they limit their gift-giving ideas to three typical items: candy, roses and teddy bears.  This is not to say that these are bad gifts, however they might not hold the amount of thought that some women would expect on this special day.

So, instead of just buying what the marketing gurus on Madison Avenue suggest you purchase for your lady on Valentine’s Day, think outside of the box of chocolates and consider the individuality of the woman you are trying to please.

How to turn generic Valentines Day gifts ideas into unique ones that she’ll love.

Here are some great ways for you take the ordinary Valentine’s day gifts that you can get at any store, and turn them into unique, special gifts that are certain to warm her heart.

  • Teddy bears- Every woman loves something cute and cuddly, but the trick is to turn a plain old brown bear into something she will cherish (no matter how cheesy you think it is). First off, recognize that stuffed animals are not limited to teddy bears. If you know she favors dogs, cats, bunnies or sheep then that is the animal that you should select when shopping as it’s your way of telling her that you know her and what she likes.

Aside from purchasing the right stuffed animal it is important to think of unique ways to personalize her future plush, like a hand designed small t-shirt with a message that will melt her heart.

  • Flowers- If you are lost on how to make flowers just a little more personalized this is simple. Listen to her! If you have been with this woman for some time inevitably she will have mentioned to you her favorite kind of flower, be it roses, lilies or wildflowers.

Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that roses are required! She will appreciate the fact that you remember conversations that the two of you have had.

Keep in mind that the way you present flowers can be a unique romantic gesture as well. Flowers that are sent to her work, waiting for hFREE Dating Tips & Advice For Mener when she comes home or strewn about throughout the house can add mystery, intrigue and a spark of romance.

  • Candy – Shockingly, some women do not like chocolate (few and far between). However, if your girl happens to be one of these few, then presenting her with a box of chocolate that you end up eating is hardly a Valentine’s Day gift. Whether she likes sweet & sours, licorice or bubble gum, think of a great way to present her with something she might not consider as a unique gift.

For example, count out gummy bears for every day you have been together (if you remember) and present them in a decorative container. Or add a note to the wrappers of her favorite candies and hide them for her to find throughout the day.

As simple and juvenile as these small thoughts may seem it is important to recognize that not all women are after gifts that are going to leave you with an empty wallet. Valentine’s Day is intended for romance and love, neither of which should cost money. As long as your gift is unique, thoughtful and genuinely something she can appreciate your Valentine’s Day will go better than you could imagine!

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