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TheMankipedia.com is an online personal develop magazine for men. With tons of advice on a range of topics… women, dating, relationships, health, your career, money … and more. This site just might be critical to living your life as a successful man. We are your Go-To guide to become the man you were meant to be.  It’s…everything a man would ever need to know and everything women wish they knew about men.

Our mission is to  share content that pushes the envelope and expands your mind. We focus on topics that take ideas about manhood that you’ve probably taken for granted all your life and put a magnifying glass to them. If after reading one of our posts you think to yourself, “hmmm I’ve never thought of it that way before…” then we’ve done our job.

Our desire for our fans is to not only an expand your perspective on what it means to be a man in the modern world but to make you a more well rounded, fascinating and ultimately sexy and successful person.

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Our Team 

TheMankipedia.comPatrick Ogunnaike – Founder and Chief Editor

Patrick is an entrepreneur based in Toronto. In 2012 he founded TheMankipedia.com. When he’s not busy writing or editing articles for TheMankipedia he’s usually rummaging through youtube or watching a science documentary making him an endless source of fascinating but mostly useless facts.



SophieOSophie O’Brien – Assistant Editor 

This super intern and self professed Grammar Nazi,  helps keep our articles on the straight and narrow from her home in Ottawa, Canada. When not assisting on TheMankipedia Sophie might be found on social media or perhaps feeding her hello kitty obsession. An intervention might be needed.



vincent corvinoVincent Corvino  – Contributing Author

Vincent’s writing has appeared in several literary journals, among them The Quarterly, New Letters, The Crescent Review and The Blue Moon Review. He is currently the lead singer of the New York City hard rock band, Urbansnake.  He is a former student of Zen Buddhist Roshi, Rich Hart, and has trained as a boxer under former WBO Middleweight Champion, Doug Dewitt.  He possesses an MA in Education from Columbia University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in School Leadership. He has been an English teacher since 1996.