3 Tips To Having A Successful Job Interview

By Patrick Ogunnaike

Have you ever come out of a job interview and just known in your bones that you bombed? It’s a soul crushing experience and you spend the rest of the day, week or month beating yourself up over it.

Here are some signs that the interview is not going well:

-They don’t ask you any follow up questions about your skills
-They  interrupt you when you’re answering their questions
-They seem distracted or bored

If you’re in a job interview and you notice these signs it may already be too late to salvage the situation. The key however to a successful job interview is to make sure you don’t run into these problems in the first place. Here are some tips make sure you stand out in their minds as the one to watch.

Tip #1 Body Language
Your body language transmits a vast amount of information to the people around you. And in a job interview, believe me, they’re paying attention to yours. How you walk, how you talk (pitch, speed, volume), how you move your hands, do you fidget in your seat, can you maintain eye contact they all matter. They convey things like your confidence and trust worthiness. And most of this is all subconscious, which means that your interviewer doesn’t even realize this. They’ll just leave the interview with a gut feeling that you’re just not a fit.

The main thing is to be comfortable in your own skin.

SOLUTION: Practice being interviewed by a friend. Record yourself and play it back to pick out your faults.
successful job interviewTip #2 Show Results

During the job interview you’ll typically be asked a number of questions about your past work experience.  The key to nailing your answers and selling yourself as a qualified candidate is being able to translate your experience to show the results that you actually achieved.

So for example, perhaps they may ask you if you have experience dealing with demanding customers so in your answer you can give them an example of how you dealt with a specific situation and the positive results you achieved.

Now this isn’t the time to BS because if you spin a wild tale about how you saved your previous company a Bazillion Dollars or invented their last Million Dollar product they’ll probably check with them to confirm it and you’ll be found out pretty quickly.

SOLUTION: Practice before you get in there. Try to anticipate possible questions that you may be asked. If you’ve been to a few interviews for similar jobs then this should be easy. Have some examples ready to do but also spend some time thinking about your past successes and even failures in your past jobs so they’re fresh in your mind. This will help you think on your feet.

Tip #3 Interview Them Back
Like dating most people go into a job interview with a beggar’s mindset. “Please pretty please hire me!”

That’s the wrong mentality and having it won’t get them to treat you with the value you’re actually worth.  There’s something called the “Wanting It Tax”. This means that when someone wants or needs something the price immediately goes up. In your case if you really need a job then your value goes down.

Usually at the end of the interview the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. You should.

Example: What’s the culture of the office like? Do you provide any personal development or training opportunities? What is the company’s primary goal? What prompted this job opportunity? Have you worked here long? How do you like working for this company?

Now I know that this can be difficult given the job climate we have but it’s essential. Your job is not to be an arrogant prick it’s to ask relevant questions to find out if the company is the right place for you. You might actually find out that it’s not the right place for you.

The key is to be prepared and to practice whenever possible. Do some research about the company you’re interviewing with. This breeds confidence and only good things can come from it. You may not get the job but the lasting impression you make may get you a call back later when another position opens up.