3 Reasons Why Your Wife Cheated On You

cheating wife

By Patrick Ogunnaike

Why did your wife cheat on you?

Infidelity, no one wants to be in the receiving end of it, especially men. When a man finds out that their wife has been seeing another man you tend to blame yourself.

Although most guys try to put on a brave face and downplay what’s happened, deep inside our minds are spinning with questions trying to figure out what you could have done to make your wife leave you for another man.

Here are 3 of the usual reasons why women cheat on their husbands; if you feel that your own wife is seeing someone behind, review these reasons and try to find ways of correcting the situation before it gets out of hand or at least learn your lesson so this doesn’t happen again.

Reason 1 – Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Although the stereotypical view is that men are the ones that are crazy for sex, the reality is that women often need it just as much as we do, perhaps more. If you’re not willing or able to fulfill her desires then it becomes that much harder for her to fight the temptation to look elsewhere. So if you’re giving all your energy and focus solely to your job and career then your marriage is probably suffering as a result.

save your marriageReason 2 – You’re Turning into Her Girlfriend Not Her Husband

Over time, couples tend to grow comfortable with each other. It’s only natural that this happens. But one of the downsides is that domestication dulls your manhood or masculinity. Not to be sexist by you start behaving more like a woman. You’ve probably stopped doing things like hanging out with your friends, playing sports, working out or doing any other hobbies that you enjoy. This can be especially true if you have a new baby.

It’s understandable that it seems like you have no time and your wife may even say that she enjoys having you around. But you need time to rejuvenate your masculine energy.

By focusing on some male aspects of your life you’ll find that you’ll regain your confidence and masculine attitude  not to mention your libido.  The two of you will start teasing and flirting with each other more, you’ll come across more assertive and much more. Trust me your wife will notice and appreciate the difference.

Reason 3 – Revenge

Have you cheated on your wife before? If you did then this may be the reason why she is cheating on you with another man. She still loves you, but she cheated on you, and maybe purposely let you find out that she is cheating on you, just to teach you a lesson.

She wants you to feel just how it felt for her when you did the same thing to her. She may not have romantic feelings for the other man, she’s only doing this for spite.

If this is the case then you guys need to get some help to sort this out. You can’t keep playing this back and forth revenge game and how to have any kind of healthy relationship.

If this is your situation you and your wife need to get counseling from a professional.

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